Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Tune In Dan's Cafe

In January, 1972, Rod Serling's "Night Gallery" featured a ghost tale called "The Tune In Dan's Cafe." It was a haunting story, centered around an unhappy housewife (Susan Oliver) and her husband (Pernell Roberts) . . . and, a jukebox in "Dan's Cafe" which played only 1 chilling song. After the "Night Gallery" episode radio stations received calls for the then unavailable song. Ultimately, it was released and blasted to #1 on Billboard's Country chart and #3 in Canada. As well, it crossed over to be a top 40 pop hit too. What was the tune in Dan's Cafe?

Answer: "If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry," recorded by the late Jerry Wallace; who lived in Prescott, Arizona for a while. He had 9 hits before the tune in Dan's Cafe became his first #1 song. He would have 35 hits before 1980; some remember his songs "Primrose Lane" and "In The Misty Moonlight." Another, "Shutters & Boards" was written by actor, and the most decorated war hero, Audie Murphey. Also, one of his biggest money-making hits was released only in Japan and called, ""Otoko no Sekai." But his tune from the "Night Gallery" episode would be the one that would get him nominated for CMA's Male Vocalist of the Year in '72. Jerry died in 2008 of congestive heart failure.

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